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Lower Mainland Criminal Lawyer for Sex Offences

Being charged with a sex offence is a very stressful event. If you are charged with a sex offence, you will likely be on stringent bail terms that place significant restrictions on your freedom while you wait to go to trial. It is important to seek legal advice as soon as you become aware that there is a police investigation so you can know your rights through such a process.

Are You Being Investigated? Seek Legal Help Immediately
There are numerous sex offences and no real statute of limitations in regards to such allegations. In fact, allegations can arise decades after the alleged illegal activity took place. Whenever you find out you are being investigated, seek legal advice from a skilled team like Ralston & Associates.

We Can Help in Charges Resulting from Internet Activity
Some offences are charged over internet activity such as allegations of improper communications with young people (or police officers posing as young people). Other internet-related charges include viewing or accessing illegal images such as child pornography.

You have rights and Ralston & Associates will protect them. Schedule your free initial consultation.