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Lower Mainland Criminal Defence for Theft Charges

Theft is the taking of something that does not belong to you without the permission of the owner. The most common charge of theft is probably theft from stores – shoplifting. If you have been arrested, do not make any statements to the staff at the store or the police. See an experienced criminal lawyer like Stephen Hutchison at Ralston & Associates immediately. We may be able to persuade the prosecutor to divert the charge out of the court system so you do not have to go to court and do not end up with a criminal record.

Acting Quickly Will Make a Difference
If your case goes to court, the prosecution will need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you stole something. Even if convicted, you still may be able to obtain a sentence that will not leave you with a criminal record. If you have questions – Ralston & Associates has answers. Schedule your free initial consultation. Keep in mind, that acting quickly will help your case.